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Your Cat Doesn’t Care About You

True cat people really love their animals. But do their felines love them back? Anthony tells us about a new study that sheds some light on what cats REALLY think of their owners.

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Vocal recognition of owners by domestic cats (Felis catus)

“Domestic cats have had a 10,000-year history of cohabitation with humans and seem to have the ability to communicate with humans. However, this has not been widely examined. We studied 20 domestic cats to investigate whether they could recognize their owners by using voices that called out the subjects’ names, with a habituation-dishabituation method.”

Cats recognise their owners’ voices but never evolved to care, says study

Japanese researchers tested cats’ reactions to their owners, suggesting that because cats “domesticated themselves” they never needed to take notice

New Theory: Hunter-Gatherers Domesticated Dogs From Gray Wolves

“Man’s best friends may have started off as European gray wolves, according to scientists whose research is challenging earlier thinking around where and why dogs became domestic animals.”

How Animal Domestication Works

“How a wolf could transform from suspicious, wild beast to obedient, cuddly Fido may seem mystifying or even unbelievable. But scientists have used DNA evidence to show that, more than likely, the dog did indeed descend from the gray wolf.”

Origin of the domestic dog

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