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You Now Have A New Organ: Meet The Mesentery!

Why did it take us so long to identify a new human organ? What does the mesentery do and how often are we “discovering” new organs?

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A Brand-New Human Organ Has Been Identified

“Scientists have known about the structure, which connects a person’s small and large intestines to the abdominal wall and anchors them in place, according to the Mayo Clinic. However, until now, it was thought of as a number of distinct membranes by most scientists. Interestingly, in one of its earliest descriptions, none other than Leonardo da Vinci identified the membranes as a single structure, according to a recent review.”

Irish surgeon identifies emerging area of medical science

“The mesentery, which connects the intestine to the abdomen, had for hundreds of years been considered a fragmented structure made up of multiple separate parts. However, research by Professor of Surgery at UL’s Graduate Entry Medical School, J Calvin Coffey, describes the mesentery as one, continuous structure.”

Structural and functional features of central nervous system lymphatic vessels

“One of the characteristics of the central nervous system is the lack of a classical lymphatic drainage system. Although it is now accepted that the central nervous system undergoes constant immune surveillance that takes place within the meningeal compartment, the mechanisms governing the entrance and exit of immune cells from the central nervous system remain poorly understood.”


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Written By: Trace Dominguez

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