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World’s Top 5 Most Mysterious Places

World’s Top 5 Places Surrounded By Mystery

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5. Giant Stone Spheres of Costa Rica

One of the strangest mysteries in archaeology was discovered in the Diquis Delta of Costa Rica. Since the 1930s, hundreds of stone balls have been documented, ranging in size from a few inches to over 7 feet in diameter. Some weigh over 16 tons. Almost all of them are made of granodiorite, a hard, igneous stone. They have been made by human hands but experts can’t seem to agree on who made them, when they were made, or why…

4. Nazca Lines

How did the ancient Nazca civilization accomplish what should have been a nearly impossible feat for them and just what motivated them to do so? These geoglyphs are massive images carved into the surface of the hot, still desert of Peru. They’re called the Nazca Lines, named after the 2000 year old Nasca culture that may have been ancestors of the Incas, though to be fair, no one really knows who made them…

3. The Yonaguni Monument

Yonaguni, an underwater rock formation that lies off the coast of the Ryuku Islands in Japan. The ongoing debate surrounding Yonaguni centers on one key subject: is the monument a natural phenomenon, or is it man-made? If it is man-made, which many believe, then how was it made, by who and for what purpose?

2. Stonehenge

Stonehenge is a rock formation located in England. A number of myths surround the stones, including people claiming the rock formation was put together by aliens ( we are not buying it ). Last year, researchers uncovered 17 new chapels and hundreds of archaeological features around the neolithic standing stones, including forms of monuments that have never been seen before, adding even more mystery to the mythical rock formation.

1. Göbekli Tepe

About twelve thousand years ago for some unknown reason, for the first time ever, hundreds and hundreds of humans gathered together in an organized fashion, to build an incredible shrine complex. It’s constructed of over 200 massive 20 ton stone pillars that were precisely fit into carefully arranged sockets in about 20 circular patterns. Why and how exactly remains unknown to this day…

Video credit to Strange Mysteries YouTube channel