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World’s CREEPIEST Animals: Sure to Give You Nightmares!

Earth is home to many creepy creatures; some you probably didn’t even know existed! These are the 5 creepiest, strangest and most nightmarish animals in the world.

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Aye ayes are found only on the island of madagascar. While they may look drastically different from us, they are related to humans as well as apes and chimpanzees. Their long hands and large eyes make them uniquely creepy, but they are rarely seen as they live in treetops and are nocturnal. This species is currently critically endangered because aye ayes are considered by some to be omens of bad luck and have often been killed for this reason.

The Bald Uakari is a new world monkey, which is found in South and central America. There are four subspecies of the bald uakari, all of which are vulnerable to extinction. A full-grown uakari weighs between 6 and 8 pounds and stands at around 18 inches tall. These monkeys live mostly in the treetops around the Amazon rainforest and live to be around 30 years old. One of the things that makes them creepiest, their red faces, are actually signs of good health. Malaria is a plague to these animals and a pale face on a uakari is a sign of malaria to the creatures, which leaves them excluded from mating.

While the turtle frog doesn’t have a shell like most turtles, it does have many other turtle-like qualities to earn it its name. It has a small head, short limbs and a round body that can grow up to approximately 2 inches in length and ts circular body and movements are very similar to a turtle. It is found in Western Australia and is the only species in its genus. It survives on a diet of mostly termites and its species has developed muscular limbs for breaking into termite mounds.

Living spread out over most of the African continent, the aardvark is a type of anteater. Its name comes from the word for earth pig in Afrikaans. It is an insectivore, subsiding mostly off ants and termites, which it uses its long snout to sniff out. Its powerful legs help it dig out its prey from the Earth and build its burrows.The aardvark is a nocturnal feeder and usually weighs around 150 pounds.

A tapir is a large herbivore found mostly in South America and Asia that lives in the jungle and forest regions. On average, they are six feet in length, three in height and about five hundred pounds. They are classified in a group known as the odd-toed ungulates, which also includes horses and rhinos. They have many variants in their appearances, with fur that comes in many colors and patterns. What makes this animal distinctively creepy is its crooked smile and nose that looks like a gun barrel. Also, this is what it looks like when tapirs mate.

Video credit to Strange Mysteries YouTube channel