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Will We Ever Cure HIV?

Researchers believe that they might have a developed a vaccine to treat HIV, but the virus continues to mutate. Will we ever find a cure?

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New Approach to Blocking H.I.V. Raises Hopes for an AIDS Vaccine

“A new compound has blocked H.I.V. infection so well in monkeys that it may be able to function as a vaccine against AIDS, the scientists who designed it reported Wednesday.”

HIV vaccine that transforms cell DNA brings fresh hope

“A radical new approach to vaccination seems to completely protect monkeys from HIV, US scientists report.”

Designer protein ‘blocks all known strains of HIV’

“A novel drug candidate against HIV has been created by a joint team led by researchers at The Scripps Research Institute in Jupiter, FL. The scientists consider it to be so potent and effective that it could form the basis of a vaccine alternative.”

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