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Will Teleportation Ever Be Possible?

Forget electric cars, teleportation is the real transportation of the future! OK, that might be a stretch, but scientists actually have had some luck making this sci-fi fantasy a reality… sort of. Trace looks at the current state of teleportation research.

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Beam Me Up, Scotty? That Might Take Some Time

“Alas, apart from a tiny handful of experiments on entangled photons, teleportation is, in a practical sense, pure science fiction.”

How Teleportation Will Work

“Ever since the wheel was invented more than 5,000 years ago, people have been inventing new ways to travel faster from one point to another.”

Teleportation and Wormholes: The Science of ‘Jumper’

“When scientists talk about teleportation, they don’t typically mean teleporting matter from one place to another as in the new movie. Rather, teleportation involves capturing the essential information about something – its “quantum state” – to recreate it exactly someplace else.”

Why Don’t We Have Teleportation?

“Theoretical physicist and unstoppable optimist Michio Kaku thinks humanity will achieve a version of teleportation in the real world.”

Quantum teleportation done between distant large objects

“The macroscopic quantum spin state of caesium atoms held in a vessel has been teleported to a second vessel 50 cm away – according physicists in Denmark, Spain and the UK, who have performed the feat.”

Will we just teleport from place to place in the future?

“Believe it or not, scientists have managed to ‘teleport’ some things already. But as for ‘beaming up’, Star Trek-style, either there’s no hope at all… or we’re a very long way off.”

To infinity and beyond: teleporting humans into space

“To begin the teleportation process, every human that is teleported will need to be represented in transferable data.”

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