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Will Electric Shocks Cure Paralysis?

A new experimental treatment uses electricity to help people suffering from paralysis stand up and even walk! Could this technique provide a cure for some victims? Tara explains how this therapy works and if there’s a future in this technology.

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‘Shocking’ Study Gives Hope to Paralyzed People; Shows Electricity Helps Them Stand, Move Legs

“‘It could still be a life-changer for them,’ experts say, but they also add that while this breakthrough is promising, ‘there is no miracle cure on the way’ for paralysis.”

Altering Spinal Cord Excitability Enables Voluntary Movements After Chronic Complete Paralysis in Humans

“The clinical diagnosis of having a motor complete lesion commonly classified by the American Spinal Injury Association Impairment Scale (AIS) as grade A or B is when there is no clinical evidence of volitional activation of any muscle below the lesion.”

Electrical Spinal

“For those paralyzed due to spinal cord injury, the two-year mark post-accident often seems like a point of no return.”

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