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Why We’re So Creeped Out By Staring

Few things are as creepy as turning around to find someone staring at you. As Trace tells us: that creepy feeling is actually hardwired into our brains!

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Think someone’s staring at you? You’re not paranoid… it’s ‘hardwired’ into our brains

“We are hard-wired to feel people are staring at us – even when they aren’t, according to a new scientific study.”

How you know eyes are watching you

“You know that feeling you get when you’re being stared at?”

Are people really staring at you?

“People often think that other people are staring at them even when they aren’t research led by the University of Sydney has found.”

Humans Have an Expectation That Gaze Is Directed Toward Them

“Many animals use cues from another animal’s gaze to help distinguish friend from foe.”

Magpies take decisions faster when humans look at them

“Researchers from the Seoul National University found that wild birds appear to “think faster” when humans, and possibly predators in general, are directly looking at them.”

Is Mars Infested With Pareidolia Rats?

“It has finally happened. Not content with (potentially) infecting the pristine Martian surface with our germs, it appears that we’ve sent a rat (yes, a whole rat) to the Red Planet.”

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