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Why We Should Love Apex Predators

Apex predators are more important than you think. Find out how sharks, wolves & other fearsome animals play a crucial role in the food chain.

How Can We Stop Sharks From Going Extinct? ►►►►
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What Is An Apex Predator?

“Large ‘apex’ predators influence ecosystems in profound ways, by limiting the density of their prey and controlling smaller ‘mesopredators’. The loss of apex predators from much of their range has lead to a global outbreak of mesopredators, a process known as ‘mesopredator release’ that increases predation pressure and diminishes biodiversity.”

Large Predators and Trophic Cascades in Terrestrial Ecosystems of the Western United States

“Large predators potentially can help shape the structure and functioning of terrestrial ecosystems, yet strong evidence of top-down herbivore limitation has not been widely reported in the scientific literature. Herein we synthesize outcomes of recent tri-trophic cascades studies…”


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