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Why We Sent Jellyfish To Space

Jellyfish in space? As crazy as it sounds, they’re out there! Trace explains how and why they were sent up and the struggle they face back here on Earth.

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Jellyfish are taking over the seas, and it might be too late to stop them

“Last week, Sweden’s Oskarshamn nuclear power plant, which supplies 10% of the country’s energy, had to shut down one of its three reactors after a jellyfish invasion clogged the piping of its cooling system. The invader, a creature called a moon jellyfish, is 95% water and has no brain. Not what you might call menacing if you only had to deal with one or two.”

Jellyfish born in space aren’t happy on Earth

“Why send jellyfish to space? Well, because it’s awesome which is true of anything involving space. But mostly because of little crystals that they keep in their bodies, and what these crystals can tell us about long-term human space travel.”

Graviceptor development in jellyfish ephyrae in space and on Earth.

“Graviceptor (rhopalium) development in Aurelia aurita ephyrae which developed on Earth and in space during the nine-day NASA SLS-1 mission was compared.”

Development studies of Aurelia (Jellyfish) ephyrae which developed during the SLS-1 mission

“Aurelia polyps (scyphistomae) and ephyrae were exposed to microgravity for nine days aboard the space shuttle during the SLS-1 mission. During strobilation, polyps segment transversely and each segment develops into an ephyra.”

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