Why We Laugh

Some animals have been observed enjoying comedy and even laughing at things! Why do animals and humans find things funny? Join Trace as he explains.

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The Biological and Evolutionary Functions of Humor

“1.5 million years ago is when language is speculated to have first begun forming into the method of communication that we know today.”

Apes Enjoy Slapstick Humor

“Non-human primates may enjoy watching someone else trip on a banana peel, according to new research on laughter, which found that apes might appreciate slapstick humor.”

‘Laughter Guy’ dissects features of counterfeit chortling

“Ever wonder how often you fool your boss or in-laws by pretending to laugh at their dumb jokes? The answer is probably around one-third of the time, according to new research by a communication expert who conducted research on fake laughs.”

Just One-Third Of People Can Tell If You’re Faking That Laugh

“Only one-third of people can tell the difference between a fake laugh and the real deal, according to a study by Greg Bryant, a professor of communication at University of California, Los Angeles.”


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