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Why We Feel A ‘Warm Glow’ When Donating To Charity

It seems like people are more charitable during the holidays, but are they really? What are the psychological benefits of giving to charity?

The Selfish Reason Animals Risk Their Lives For Others –
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Charitable Giving in America: Some Facts and Figures

“From the nonprofit’s perspective, many organizations report similar conclusions. According to the Winter 2011 issue of the Nonprofit Fundraising Survey, over half of the nonprofit organizations queried reported that they received over a quarter of their contributions between October and December, with 16 percent of all organizations receiving over half their year’s total contributions during those same months.”

Seeking the Why of Giving

“One external incentive to give money is recognition, and charities tap into that by offering cards, gifts and special mentions on programs and websites. But a study published this year in The Journal of Marketing found that recognition seems to work only for a small subset of people – those who feel that it’s important to express their moral values to others, said Karen Winterich, an assistant marketing professor at Pennsylvania State University and one of the study’s authors.”

The science of generosity

“What motivates this outpouring of good will? Americans donated nearly $300 billion in 2011, surpassing the gross domestic product of all but 33 countries in the world, according to a 2010 report by the Giving USA Foundation. Though the tradition of giving has existed for centuries, researchers have only begun to explore this question in the past 20 years.”

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