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Why We Can’t See Ourselves The Way Others Do

When talking with others, most people are clueless as to how they’re coming across! Why is this? Laci discusses a new study that might finally have the answer!

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Feeling “Holier Than Thou”: Are Self-Serving Assessments Produced by Errors in Self- or Social Prediction?

“People typically believe they are more likely to engage in selfless, kind, and generous behaviors than their peers, a result that is both logically and statistically suspect.”

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall: Enhancement in Self-Recognition

“People’s inferences about their own traits and abilities are often enhancing. A series of experiments suggests that this enhancement extends to more automatic and perceptual judgments as well, such that people recognize their own faces as being more physically attractive than they actually are.”

Why We Don’t See Ourselves as Others Do

“In a recent Dove ad, an FBI forensic artist sketched a series of women based purely on the way they described themselves and again as others described them. The artist could only hear their voices, not see their faces.”

Study reveals that many people are oblivious to how they come across to counterparts and colleagues

“Jill Abramson was recently ousted from her position as the executive editor of The New York Times for being, among other things, too ‘pushy.'”

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