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Why Unlikeable Candidates Get Elected

When voting, does it really matter how likable the candidate is? Here’s how likability is determined and why voting can be so tricky.

Do Women Make Better Leaders Than Men? –
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Hillary Clinton Has A Likability Problem. Donald Trump Has A Likability Epidemic.

“Asked in a 2008 debate to try to explain why people liked Barack Obama better than they liked her, Hillary Clinton feigned offense – “That really hurts my feelings,” she said to laughs from the audience – before being interrupted by the now-famous Obama remark: “You’re likable enough, Hillary.””

Donald Trump Is Really Unpopular With General Election Voters

“Several recent stories, like this one from the Washington Post’s Philip Rucker and Robert Costa, report that influential Republicans have become increasingly resigned to the prospect of Donald Trump as their nominee. One theme in these stories is that the GOP “donor class” seems to have persuaded itself that Trump might not be such a bad general election candidate.”

Presidential Job Approval Ratings From Ike To Obama

“Perhaps no measure better captures the public’s sentiment toward the president than job approval. It dates back to the earliest days of public opinion polling, when George Gallup asked about Franklin D. Roosevelt starting in the 1930s:
‘Do you approve or disapprove of the way ____ is handling his job as president?'”

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