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Why NASA Is Using Inflatable Spacecraft

Next year, NASA will be sending an inflatable spacecraft to the ISS! Why are we using inflatable spacecrafts instead of the traditional spacecrafts? Trace explains how using inflatable objects will open up many new doors in space!

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NASA’s Original Inflatable Space Station

“This week, NASA announced that crews aboard the International Space Station will soon test an inflatable space module in orbit.”

NASA Buys Private Inflatable Room for Space Station

“NASA has officially signed a deal to attach an inflatable private module to the International Space Station, space agency officials confirmed today (Jan. 11).”

Bigelow Aerospace

“Since 1999 our mission has been to provide affordable options for spaceflight to national space agencies and corporate clients.”


“A micrometeoroid is a tiny meteoroid; a small particle of rock in space, usually weighing less than a gram.”

Inside NASA’s Deal for an Inflatable Space Station Room

“A new deal between NASA and a commercial spaceflight company to add a privately built module to the International Space Station could lead to future uses of the novel space technology beyond low-Earth orbit, space agency and company officials say.”

Inflatable Space Stations of Bigelow Aerospace (Infographic)

“Bigelow Aerospace is designing a plug-in module to expand living space on the International Space Station.”

NASA to Test Bigelow Expandable Module on Space Station

“NASA Deputy Administrator Lori Garver announced Jan. 16 a newly planned addition to the International Space Station that will use the orbiting laboratory to test expandable space habitat technology.”

How Inflatable Spacecraft Will Work

“The use of space inflatables won’t be limited to unmanned spacecraft and telescopes.”

NASA to BEAM Up Inflatable Space Station Module

“More details have emerged on NASA’s plan to add the first commercial module to the International Space Station, an inflatable room built by Bigelow Aerospace.”

Blown up in orbit

“The International Space Station (ISS) is mankind’s holiday house in the sky.”


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