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Why Is There Air?

Every day, we inhale and exhale the air around us. How did Earth’s atmosphere form? Join Trace as he explains the long evolution of our atmosphere, and why we are able to breathe today!

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How did Earth’s atmosphere form?

“No one knows of any other planet where you can do this simple thing.”

Earth’s atmosphere came from outer space, scientists find

“The gases which formed the Earth’s atmosphere — and probably its oceans — did not come from inside the Earth but from outer space, according to a new study.”

When did Earth’s oxygen atmosphere appear?

“In my book Death from the Skies!, I described Earth’s first mass extinction event: the evolution of bacteria that were able to ingest the primitive atmosphere of the time, and excrete oxygen.”

Atmosphere of the Planets

“We take our atmosphere on Earth for granted; it’s all around us.”

Where did the Earth’s atmosphere come from? Did it just somehow already have one when it formed, or pass through a gas cloud in space, or create its own gas somehow?

The Origin of Oxygen in Earth’s Atmosphere

“It’s hard to keep oxygen molecules around, despite the fact that it’s the third-most abundant element in the universe, forged in the superhot, superdense core of stars.”

How to Get an Atmosphere

“Saturn’s moon Titan belongs to a very select club within the solar system.”

Evolution Of The Atmosphere: Composition, Structure And Energy

“After loss of the hydrogen, helium and other hydrogen-containing gases from early Earth due to the Sun’s radiation, primitive Earth was devoid of an atmosphere.”

Giant Impact That Formed The Moon Blew Off Earth’s Atmosphere

“The moon came into existence after several planet-size space bodies smashed into the nascent Earth one after the other, with the final one actually forming our satellite, while several impacts repeatedly blew off our planet’s atmosphere, according to a new study.”

Evolution of the Atmosphere

“Go back about 4.6 billion years and you wouldn’t find the Earth.”


“Atmosphere, the mass of gases surrounding a planet or any other celestial object.”

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