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Why Electric Cars Won’t Solve the Pollution Problem

Electric cars are billed as a solution to the Earth’s pollution problem. But as Anthony shows us, the majority of pollution actually comes from places you’d least expect.

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Exhaust fumes only third of traffic pollution problem

“Vehicle exhausts are responsible for only a third of traffic pollution, according to new research.”

Road Surface Purifies Air by Removing Nitrogen Oxides, Researchers in the Netherlands Find

“Road surfaces can make a big contribution to local air purity. This conclusion can be drawn from the first test results on a road surface of air-purifying concrete.”

We Need to Reduce Non-Exhaust Pollution from Traffic (Dust from Brakes, Tires, etc)

“With so much attention paid to vehicle exhaust emissions, we sometimes forget that the engine isn’t the only thing creating air pollution on an automobile.”

Particles from car brakes harm lungs

“Findings highlight the importance of reducing brake particle emissions as well as exhaust to safeguard human health.”

EPA Air Quality Trends

“EPA creates air quality trends using measurements from monitors located across the country. The table below shows that air quality based on concentrations of the common pollutants has improved nationally since 1980.”

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