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Why Does Your Cat Have Strange Eyes?

Have you ever looked deep into the eyes of a cat? Why are their eyes so weird?

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Why Do Cats Have Slit Pupils And Humans Have Round Pupils?

“Different pupil shapes seem to be an adaptation to different activity patterns during a 24-hour day. Cats belong to the category of nocturnal animals, who do most of their foraging for food at night. Other nocturnal animals include rats, bats, mice, flying squirrels, and owls.”

Visual Optics: The Shapes of Pupils

“The eyes of many terrestrial vertebrates have slit-shaped pupils. A new hypothesis links this pupil shape to the way that vertebrate lenses compensate for chromatic aberration.”

Slit pupils help snakes ambush their prey

“The slim, vertical pupil probably helps ambush hunters stalk prey at night by making objects at a distance from the snake’s hideout appear sharper.”

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