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Why Does Jupiter Have A Red Spot?

Why does Jupiter’s great red spot exist? How did it form? Amy discusses new research that might hold the key.

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Jupiter’s Atmosphere & the Great Red Spot

“The atmosphere of Jupiter essentially makes up the entire planet. The gas giant has no firm surface to touch down on. Instead, it is composed almost entirely of hydrogen and helium, with a few traces of other gases comprising a tiny percentage of its air.”

Cassini Celebrates 10 Years Since Jupiter Encounter

“Ten years ago, on Dec. 30, 2000, NASA’s Cassini spacecraft made its closest approach to Jupiter on its way to orbiting Saturn.”

Jupiter’s Great Red Spot Is Shrinking

“Jupiter’s trademark Great Red Spot — a swirling anti-cyclonic storm larger than Earth — has shrunk to its smallest size ever measured.”

Jupiter’s Great Red Spot is likely a sunburn, not a blush

“The ruddy color of Jupiter’s Great Red Spot is likely a product of simple chemicals being broken apart by sunlight in the planet’s upper atmosphere, according to a new analysis of data from NASA’s Cassini mission.”


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