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Why Does Beer Foam?

We’ve known for awhile that when beer is poured, gases dissolve and make tiny bubbles that create a foam at the top of the drink! Now, scientists have found the secret as to why it is so thick and can last so long. Watch as Trace explains what makes the perfect foam.

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Beer foam secrets tapped in new study

“It’s an unlikely beer-drinking toast: ‘Here’s to L-T-P-One!’ Yet, the secret to optimal foam in the head of a freshly poured brew, according to Cornell food science research, is just the right amount and kind of barley lipid transfer protein No. 1, aka LTP1.”

Cheers to better beer foam

“Bitter compounds found in hops, like iso-alpha acids, are important to brewers, says Cornell’s Karl J. Siebert, principal investigator and author of “Recent Discoveries in Beer Foam,” set for publication in next issue of the Journal of the American Society of Brewing Chemists.”

Influence of barley variety and malting process on lipid content of malt

“The lipid content of a beer affects its ability to form a stable head of foam and plays an important role in beer staling.”

Why Does Beer Foam?

“When you pour a frosty brew, there’s a pretty thick layer of head on top, and it sticks around for a while something that doesn’t happen with a soda or a cider. But why?”

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