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Why Do We Twitch Before Falling Asleep?

Have you ever tried falling asleep, but you keep twitching right before you finally pass out? Trace explains why this occurs.

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The science of sleep twitches

“The feeling of jerking awake just as sleep begins to overtake us is familiar to most readers. So too is seeing someone in a deep sleep eerily (or adorably) twitching their hands or feet.”

Why your body jerks before you fall asleep

“As we give up our bodies to sleep, sudden twitches escape our brains, causing our arms and legs to jerk.”

Why Do People ‘Twitch’ When Falling Asleep?

“A hypnagogic jerk is an involuntary muscle spasm that occurs as a person is drifting off to sleep.”

Brain Chemicals That Cause Sleep Paralysis Discovered

“During the most dream-filled phase of sleep, our muscles become paralyzed, preventing the body from acting out what’s going on in the brain.”

Falling asleep: Revealing the point of transition

“How can we tell when someone has fallen asleep? To answer this question, scientists have developed a new statistical method and behavioral task to track the dynamic process of falling asleep.”

Sleep Twitches Teach Babies How To Move

“Babies learn about their limbs and how to use them from twitches they make during REM sleep—movements that are very different from those made while awake.”

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Do Sleeping Pills Help?

How Do The Blind Dream?


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