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Why Do We Need SO MANY Remote Controls?

We all have many remotes for many devices; why is it so difficult for manufacturers to create one remote that can control all our devices?

How Does Wireless Charging Work? –
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Remote Controls – Radio Frequency or Infrared

“Infrared (IR) remote controls have proven being a cost efficient solution for controlling many kinds of electronic devices: Home entertainment, air condition, home lighting. But there are some limitations and disadvantages using infrared light as the medium.”

How Remote Controls Work

“The world’s first remote controls were radio-frequency devices that directed German naval vessels to crash into Allied boats during WWI. In WWII, remote controls detonated bombs for the first time. ”

Remote Control

“The way we love our remote controls, you’d think our living rooms were the size of Texas! It’s an awfully long way to go, isn’t it, to change the television channel or pump up the volume on the stereo? Remote controls are a perfect indulgence for couch potatoes everywhere-but have you ever stopped to wonder how they work?”

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