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Why Do Some People Have a ‘God Complex’?

Do you know someone who is overly narcissistic? What is a god complex, and how do you know if you have one?

Does Believing In God Make You Dumb? ????

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Don’t Blame Facebook for the Narcissism Epidemic

“Social media-minded millennials are the most narcissistic generation on record, but recent psychological research indicates that Facebook isn’t to blame for that image obsession.”

Facebook’s dark side

“For the average narcissist, Facebook “offers a gateway for hundreds of shallow relationships and emotionally detached communication,” one expert says. More importantly, for this study, social networking in general allows the user a great deal of control over how he or she is presented to and perceived by peers and other users, he added.”

Is Social Media to Blame For the Rise In Narcissism?

“Studies are now showing what many of you may have suspected: We are living in an increasingly narcissistic (link is external) society.”

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