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Why Did Naked Mole Rats Evolve To Be So Awesome?!

They feel no pain, can move their teeth, and almost never get cancer. Naked mole rats are awesome!

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Scientists Amazed By The Mole Rat’s Bizarre Behavior

“A group of scientists studying the naked mole rat, a rare hairless rodent that lives in East Africa, have recently found that the seldom-seen creature has one of the most bizarre social behavior patterns of any mammal in the animal kingdom.”

Naked Mole-rats Bear Chili Pepper Heat

“Scientists have now used gene therapy to restore sensation in naked mole-rats, strange rodents that lack a key neurotransmitter that causes prolonged pain perception in other mammals. The finding may lead to new analgesics for people with chronic pain who do not respond to current medication.”

14 Fun Facts About Naked Mole Rats

“At almost every zoo I’ve visited, there’s a crowd around the naked mole rat (Heterocephalus glaber) display. For some reason, we find those ugly little rodents to be fascinating creatures. Kids will watch them scurry around transparent burrows longer than they’ll watch the lions. But even if you’ve been one of those fans, I’ll bet there’s plenty you still don’t know, so here are 14 fun facts.”

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Written by: Jennie Butler

Video credit to DNews YouTube channel