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Why Can’t We Regrow Teeth?

Regrowing teeth would solve so many problems! Many animals are able to, so why not humans? Anthony takes a look at how scientists are trying to change this.

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Alligators Can Grow New Teeth, So Why Not Humans?

“Scientists are trying to understand organ regeneration in hopes of stimulating new growth in humans.”

Specialized Stem Cell Niche Enables Repetitive Renewal Of Alligator Teeth

“Reptiles and fish have robust regenerative powers for tooth renewal. However, extant mammals can either renew their teeth one time (diphyodont dentition) or not at all (monophyodont dentition).”

Alligator Stem Cell Study Gives Clues To Tooth Regeneration

“Alligators may help scientists learn how to stimulate tooth regeneration in people, according to new research led by the Keck School of Medicine of USC.”

News In Brief: The Secret Behind The Alligator’s Toothy Smile

“Dental stem cells enable the reptile to grow new teeth every year”

Can You Really Re-grow A Fingertip?

“On a normal day, Dr. Stephen Badylak’s office at the University of Pittsburgh receives five or six e-mails requesting help from people who’ve lost various body parts, particularly fingertips or toe tips.”


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