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Why Astronauts Have A Hard Time Sleeping In Space

Sleeping in space can be very difficult, and many astronauts turn to sleeping aids to fall asleep. Are these astronauts abusing these drugs? Join Trace as he explains why it’s hard to sleep in space.

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Prevalence of sleep deficiency and use of hypnotic drugs in astronauts before, during, and after spaceflight: an observational study

“Sleep deprivation and fatigue are common subjective complaints among astronauts.”

Sleeping in Space

“After a long day at work, there is nothing like a good night’s sleep! Just like on Earth, a person in space goes to bed at night then wakes up the next day and prepares for work all over again. But it’s a little different in space.”

Why do astronauts need to take sleeping pills in space?

“Living and sleeping onboard a space shuttle can be very disorienting even for seasoned astronauts.”

Drugs in space and sleepless in the shuttle

“A fascinating study published in today’s Lancet Neurology reports on sleep deprivation in astronauts but also describes the drugs shuttle crew members use to keep themselves awake and help them fall asleep.”

Sleeping pills in space: Astronauts are regular users

“Astronauts in space get scant sleep, and the majority take sleeping pills to cope, says a 10-year study to be published Friday in Lancet Neurology.”

What is it like to sleep in space?

“When we settle into our beds at night, we usually experience a pleasant sense of unburdening.”

How do astronauts sleep in space?

“After a long day’s work, you’re ready for a good night’s sleep. But it’s a little different if you’re weightless.”

Chronic Sleep Deprivation May Harm Health

“Not sleeping enough and not sleeping well is not OK. As a matter of fact, there is quite a price to pay.”

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