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Why Are Some People Always Cold?

Have you ever been in a warm room, but someone in that room is still cold? Trace is joined by Julia Wilde to explain why this is.

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Why are some people colder than others

“Most people think the average human temperature is 98.6 degrees, but the truth is that different people have different ‘normal’ temperatures.”

So THAT’s why women’s feet and hands are always cold! Why they are slaves to their hormones

“My health complaint is starting to affect my love life.”

Why Do Women Often Feel Colder Than Men?

“Let the battle of the thermostat begin. Now that the evenings have grown dark and chilly, most people have switched on their central heating.”

Do Fat People Stay Warmer in Cold Weather Than Thin People?

“There may be a reason that Santa, who spends most of his time toiling away at his freezing North Pole workshop or traversing the globe in an open-air sled, is a little on the rotund side.”

Warm and Cold-Blooded

“With a few exceptions, all mammals and birds are warm-blooded, and all reptiles, insects, arachnids, amphibians and fish are cold-blooded. What does it mean to be warm-blooded or cold-blooded? The temperature of an animal’s blood is related to its body temperature.”


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