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Why a Massive Whale Graveyard’s in The Desert

A prehistoric whale graveyard was discovered in a Chilean desert a few years ago, and no one could figure out how the whales all died together half a mile from the coast… until now. Anthony is here to tell you how something as small as algae might have killed dozens of whales at once.

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Repeated Mass Strandings of Miocene Marine Mammals From Atacama Region Of Chile Point To Sudden Death At Sea

“Marine mammal mass strandings have occurred for millions of years, but their origins defy singular explanations.”

Cerro Ballena

Scientists Have Solved The Mystery Of Why There’s A Whale Graveyard In The Middle Of A Chilean Desert

“Scientists investigating a graveyard of marine mammal fossils near Chile’s northern coast say toxins generated by algae blooms most likely poisoned the animals millions of years ago.”

Chile’s Stunning Fossil Whale Graveyard Explained

“It is one of the most astonishing fossil discoveries of recent years – a graveyard of whales found beside the Pan-American Highway in Chile.”

Killers Were tiny, Victims Were Huge At Chile’s Whale Graveyard

“Since construction workers discovered dozens of fossils along a highway in Chile in 2011, one question has preoccupied researchers: What killed the whales, seals and other creatures that ended up there more than 5 million years ago?”
Chilean Highway Project Unearths Amazing Graveyard Of Fossilized Whale Skeletons

“The whales were found more than 120 feet above sea level, about two-thirds of a mile from the ocean, in ancient sandstones below what is now the northbound lane of the Pan-American Highway in the Atacama region of northern Chile.”

Pictures: Prehistoric Whale “Graveyard” Found in Desert

“Scientists preserve a prehistoric adult whale skeleton’s rib cage and tail in plaster in Chile’s Atacama Desert in 2010.”

“Dead zone” is a More Common Term for Hypoxia, Which Refers to a Reduced Level of Oxygen in the Water

“Less oxygen dissolved in the water is often referred to as a ‘dead zone’ because most marine life either dies, or, if they are mobile such as fish, leave the area.”

Dead Zone (Ecology)



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