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White Orb Caught by Security Cameras: Ghost or Alien Probe?

The white orb of a ghost, spirit, or something else is caught by security cameras in Russia.

A mysterious white orb is seen flying past a security camera and down a road in Russia. But what is it?

Prokopyevsk, Russia. Workers at a Russian industrial site capture this creepy white orb floating by a security camera late at night.

Not only does it float by the security camera once, it does it a second time in the opposite direction….and is even closely following the road like a car or human would.

It has been suggested that orbs like these captured on camera represent some type of spirit or ghost that only appears on the camera for some reason.

One viewer mentions that it could be a small alien probe sent down to Earth to spy on, monitor, and learn about humans.

Skeptics have noted that this could just be a bug flying past the camera – and the bug is creating an artifact in the lens. The thing is, to me, a bug doesn’t fly in such straight lines or like it’s going towards something with a purpose. Bugs always seem to fly in the most random directions…and they arn’t going to travel straight down a road like that.

The Russian workers have no idea what it is…and frankly it baffles me just as much.

What is this mysterious white orb? Is it some sort of illusion created by the camera…or does it represent something perhaps more foreign to either this planet or dimension?

Video credit to Strange Mysteries YouTube channel