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When You Can’t Scratch Away An Itch

Nothing is more annoying than a really bad itch. But imagine an itch you could never scratch away. Scarily, it’s a real thing. Anthony explains a possible treatment for chronic itchiness, and the fascinating way our body processes that ‘itchy’ sensation.

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Scientists Unravel Mechanisms in Chronic Itching

“Anyone who has suffered through sleepless nights due to uncontrollable itching knows that not all itching is the same.”

Why We Itch

“Itchy skin fires up nerves and drives sufferers to scratch themselves raw, some even in their sleep. But the mechanisms behind aggravating itches are not entirely understood, and a new finding makes the whole problem seem even more complex.”


“A nociceptor is a sensory receptor that sends signals that cause the perception of pain in response to potentially damaging stimulus.”

Why do we itch?

“As bodily defense mechanisms go, pain makes sense: put your hand on a hot stove and your body screams “Get out of here!” But what’s the purpose of itching? Chicken pox, mosquito bites, hemorrhoids, and rashes: why do we instinctively react by scratching?”

Solved! The Mystery of the Maddening Itch

“O.K., so it doesn’t quite rank up there with unraveling the cause of Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s disease. But with mosquito and poison-ivy season on the way, plenty of folks would be grateful for an answer to a more mundane question: What is the neurological basis of the pruritic response? Or in plain English: Why do we itch?”

Spiders! Ants! Did that make you itchy? Here’s why

“WARNING: Reading the following post will make you itchy.”

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Why Your Brain Needs Sleep:


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