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What’s Wrong With People That Don’t Like Music?

We all love music…right? Is it possible for someone to listen to music and have no emotional response? Anthony reports on how close to 5% of the population simply do not like listening to music.

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Dissociation between Musical and Monetary Reward Responses in Specific Musical Anhedonia

“Music has been present in all human cultures since prehistory, although it is not associated with any apparent biological advantages (such as food, sex, etc.) or utility value (such as money).

Some people are not moved by music

“Although it is not associated with any apparent biological advantages or useful value (such as money), music is ranked among the highest sources of pleasure.”

Why Some People Don’t Like Music

“Who doesn’t appreciate a good tune? Apparently, some people don’t “get” music, researchers have found.”

Why Do We Love Music?

“Music has been with us as long as we can collectively remember. Musical instruments have been found dating back tens of thousands of years.”

Some Totally Normal People Just Don’t Like Music That Much

“While some of us find ourselves quietly crying in the middle of a Target when some dumb song comes on, others are unmoved.”

Unraveling the mystery of music: Music as an evolved group process

“As prominently highlighted by Charles Darwin, music is one of the most mysterious aspects of human nature. Despite its ubiquitous presence across cultures and throughout recorded history, the reason humans respond emotionally to music remains unknown.”

The Sounds That Bind: Why We Evolved to Love Music

“The question of why humans invented music – and continue to be enthralled by it – has long puzzled scholars.”

The All-Time Top Sex Psychological Reasons We Love Music

“Modern technology means it’s never been easier to hear exactly the music we want, whenever we want it.”

Babies Display Schadenfreude Toward People Who Are Different

“Humans have a tendency to gravitate toward those that they share something with — whether that’s a common nationality, a shared love of a certain band or a favorite food.”

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Formula for the Perfect Pop Song

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Why We Like Sad Music


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