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What’s the Right Amount of Eye Contact?

Do you look people in the eye in an attempt to seem more persuasive or genuine? Well move those peepers around a bit, ’cause you’re freaking people out! Anthony looks at what the right amount of eye contact is during a conversation.

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Eye Contact May Make People More Resistant to Persuasion

“Making eye contact has long been considered an effective way of drawing a listener in and bringing him or her around to your point of view. But new research shows that eye contact may actually make people more resistant to persuasion, especially when they already disagree. The new findings are published in Psychological Science, a journal of the Association for Psychological Science.”

Attention to Eye Contact in the West and East: Autonomic Responses and Evaluative Ratings

“Eye contact has a fundamental role in human social interaction. The special appearance of the human eye (i.e., white sclera contrasted with a coloured iris) implies the importance of detecting another person’s face through eye contact. Empirical studies have demonstrated that faces making eye contact are detected quickly and processed preferentially (i.e., the eye contact effect).”

Social Communication Impairs Working-Memory Performance

“Performance on working-memory tests is frequently used in experimental psychology and neuroscience, as well as in neuropsychological testing and clinical screening. It can be strongly affected by the social context and the communication style of the experimenter.”

How Technology Is Killing Eye Contact

“Pat Christen had an alarming wake-up call one day about the toll that technology was taking on her life — and her family.”

To Look or Not To Look? : Eye Contact Differences in Different Cultures

“The eyes are an integral part of the face when it comes to observing or conveying non-verbal information. Each of the seven universal expressions of emotion have some change in or around the eyes that can lead you to understand what someone might be feeling or thinking.”

Just Look Me in the Eye Already

“You’re having a conversation with someone and suddenly his eyes drop to his smartphone or drift over your shoulder toward someone else. It feels like this is happening more than ever—in meetings, at the dinner table, even at intimate cocktail parties—and there are signs that the decline of eye contact is a growing problem.”

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