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What Makes Ouija Boards Move?

More goes into making Ouija Boards move than you might think. Scientists are now saying this fabled link to the “other side” is really just driven by the players’ subconscious. Laci explains.

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The analgesia of movement: ideomotor activity and manual care

“There is a certainty common to many of those who focus on manual means for pain relief: we are certain that the body naturally and perpetually moves in a way that promotes health and optimal function (called inherent movement).”

Materials and documents on the ideomotor (Carpenter) effect, here are the original work.

How the ouija board really moves

“The mystery isn’t a connection to the spirit world, but why we can make movements and yet not realise that we’re making them.”

Facilitated Communication Since 1995: A Review of Published Studies

“Previous reviews of Facilitated Communication (FC) studies have clearly established that proponents’ claims are largely unsubstantiated and that using FC as an intervention for communicatively impaired or noncommunicative individuals is not recommended.”

Facilitated Communication: Sifting the Psychological Wheat from the Chaff

“If psychological research does not always give us hoped-for answers, it does help us sift potent reality from wishful thinking and focus our energy on real solutions.”

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