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What Makes Flies The Greatest Flyers?

Flies are one of the grossest pests that we encounter on a daily basis. But, the flight patterns of flies are pretty insane. Anthony is joined by Trisha Hershberger from Sourcefed to discuss how incredible flies can be.

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Flies That Do Calculus With Their Wings

“There are lots of reasons scientists love fruit flies, but a big one is their flying ability.”

High-Speed Video Shows How Flies Change Direction So Quickly

“Fruit flies turn in midair with a shrug of their shoulders. A new analysis shows that flies’ aerial gymnastics are driven by wing joints that act like wind-up toys, letting the bugs whirl around almost automatically.”

Michael Dickinson: How a fly flies

“An insect’s ability to fly is perhaps one of the greatest feats of evolution.”

How Do Flies Fly?

“Birds and airplanes stay airborne on wings whose shape and angle create lower pressure above the wing, which helps lift them.”

Animals That See In Slow Motion

Discovering the flight autostabilizer of fruit flies by inducing aerial stumbles

“Just as the Wright brothers implemented controls to achieve stable airplane flight, flying insects have evolved behavioral strategies that ensure recovery from flight disturbances.”

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Blue Bottle Fly

TestTube Wild Card

How Flies See in Slo-Mo


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