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What Is The Jet Stream & How Fast Does It Go?

How fast can airplanes travel? Julian explains how jet streams can get you traveling close to the speed of sound!

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British Airways flight reaches close to supersonic speeds due to strong jet stream

“Despite departing JFK late, a British Airways flight was able arrive early in Heathrow, notching up close to supersonic speeds on the transatlantic route, thanks to the 200mph jet stream.”

Jet stream Propels Commercial Plane Across Atlantic In Record Time

“A commercial plane flying from New York to London Heathrow reached near-supersonic speeds on Thursday as it flew through a 200-mile-per-hour jet stream surging across the North Atlantic.”

What is a Jet Stream?

“Jet streams are like rivers of wind high above in the atmosphere. These slim strips of strong winds have a huge influence on climate, as they can push air masses around and affect weather patterns.”

High and low pressure air

“An important characteristic of the Earth’s atmosphere is its pressure as it often determines wind and weather patterns across the globe.”

Speed of sound at altitudes and temperatures


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