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What is the Craziest Theoretical Thing We Could Build?

A starship powered by black holes….?
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A machine capable of creating an earthquake. A uterus that can incubate a baby without the need for mom? According to none other than Stephen Hawking, it is theoretically possible to use black holes as a form of power, and at some point in the future mankind might use the immense power of one of the strangest objects in the universe in order to traverse the cosmos.Breakthrough Starshot, which was announced last year, is a hundred-million dollar program whose aim is to send a swarm of laser-powered light-sail nanocraft to Alpha Centauri sometime in the next two decades. A space fountain is a hypothetical structure which would stretch from Earth into space, and whose function would be to supply orbiting spaceships and space stations with payloads, without the need for costly and time-consuming rocket launches.According to the Kardashev Scale which measures the technological advancement of civilizations, a race of beings a few thousand years older than us could theoretically create a structure large enough to surround a star.It is every man’s fear that one day; women will seize control of Earth and banish all males to an underground milking chamber where we’ll live out our days having our live-giving seed extracted from us each morning. Tectonic weapons are hypothetical devices which are capable of interfering with Earh’s tectonic plates, causing volcanoes or earthquakes wherever its user so desires. The Stanford Torus is a design for a space station proposed by NASA back in 1975, with this astonishing habitat capable of housing 10,000 to 140,000 people inside a 1.8 kilometre metal doughnut.

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