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What Is A Tumor?

You hear about tumors all the time, but what are they? How do tumors develop and spread throughout the body?

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Tumor Paint Glows for Surgery

“Olson and his colleagues at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center in Seattle developed a kind of tumor paint that makes cancerous tissue glow.”

How Do Tumors Grow?

“On a sweltering August evening in 2009 Pat Elliott noticed that her feet seemed swollen.”

DNA Damage & Repair: Mechanisms for Maintaining DNA Integrity

“DNA integrity is always under attack from environmental agents like skin cancer-causing UV rays. How do DNA repair mechanisms detect and repair damaged DNA, and what happens when they fail?”

Use polio to treat cancer?

“Like many original ideas, Matthias Gromeier’s notion that polio might kill cancer tumors was met with disdain.”

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