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What Happens When Your Arm Falls Asleep?

You wake up in the middle of the night because you’ve been sleeping on your arm. You feel a weird, tingly feeling all throughout that limb. Laci is here to talk to you about why you feel this, and if it could ever be dangerous to your health.

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Why Do Limbs “Fall Asleep”?

“You sit too long with your legs crossed or lie with your arm under your head, and when you go to move the limb, it’s tingling with a “pins and needles” sensation. But why?”

What Causes the ‘Pins and Needles’ Sensation?

“Ever smack your elbow and feel that crawling, tingly numbness that quickly spreads down your arm and a few fingers? What causes those ‘pins and needles’?”

What Makes your Arms, Legs And Feet Fall Asleep?

“This is definitely a strange sensation — you get up out of your seat, and all you feel from one foot is an uncomfortable tingling.”

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Why Do We Get Brain Freezes?

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