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What Happens When Comets Hit The Sun?

What Happens When Comets Hit The Sun?

We know what would happen if a meteor collided with the Earth, but what about the sun? Can it even be hit?

What Happened to the Spent Lunar Modules? –
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Sungrazing Comets: How They Dive-Bomb the Sun

“Sungrazing comets are comets that pass very close to the sun, sometimes to within a few thousand miles of its surface. The Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) is a joint NASA/ESA mission to probe the corona, or outer layer of the sun’s atmosphere.”

What Would Happen If a Massive Comet Crashed into the Sun?

“Most comets that brush past the sun end their lives in a whimper. But according to new calculations, a big enough comet that plunges into the sun should go out with a bang.”

Comet Lovejoy Plunges into the Sun and Survives

“This morning, an armada of spacecraft witnessed something that many experts thought impossible. Comet Lovejoy flew through the hot atmosphere of the sun and emerged intact. ‘It’s absolutely astounding,’ says Karl Battams of the Naval Research Lab in Washington DC.”


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