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What Happens If All The World’s Ice Melts?

Which Country Will Be Under Water In Our Lifetime?:

Climate change is causing the ice sheets to melt at an alarming rate. What would happen if all of the frozen ice in the ocean melted?

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Melting Arctic sea ice could increase summer rainfall in northwest Europe suggests new study

“A new study offers an explanation for the extraordinary run of wet summers experienced by Britain and northwest Europe between 2007 and 2012. The study found that loss of Arctic sea ice shifts the jet stream further south than normal resulting in increased rain during the summer in northwest Europe.”

Antarctic Ice Shelf in Last Throes of Collapse

“A vast Antarctica ice shelf that partly collapsed in 2002 has only a few years left before it fully disappears, according to a new study.”

Gravity data show that Antarctic ice sheet is melting increasingly faster

“Researchers ‘weighed’ Antarctica’s ice sheet using gravitational satellite data and found that during the past decade, Antarctica’s massive ice sheet lost twice the amount of ice in its western portion compared with what it accumulated in the east. Their conclusion — the southern continent’s ice cap is melting ever faster.”

Direct evidence for a positive feedback in climate change: Global warming itself will likely accelerate warming

“A new study has confirmed the existence of a positive feedback operating in climate change whereby warming itself may amplify a rise in greenhouse gases resulting in additional warming.”

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