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What Does Your Name Say About You?

What’s in a name? Can our names predict our futures? Tara explains how our names affect our lives!

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Liking for name predicts happiness: A behavioral genetic analysis

“Research has established that humans tend to view their names in a positive light and liking for one’s name is positively associated with subjective well-being.”

Boys Named Sue: Disruptive Children And Their Peers

“This paper proposes an unusual identification strategy to estimate the effects of students on peer behavior and academic outcomes.”

Are Emily and Greg More Employable than Lakisha and Jamal? A Field Experiment on Labor Market Discrimination

The Causes And Consequences Of Distinctively Black Names

“In the 1960’s, Blacks and Whites chose relatively similar first names for their children.”

Names and Personality

“A number of years ago, the newspapers ran a story about a young man who re-enlisted in the Navy during the time he was hospitalized for tonsillitis. Ordinarily, an event like this wouldn’t attract public notice. What gave this story its appeal, though, was the fact that the man’s name was Tonsillitis Jackson, who, along with his brother Meningitis, had helped his parents care for his sisters Laryngitis, Appendicitis, and Peritonitis (Smith).”

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Why Mom Gets Your Name Wrong

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How Storms Get Named


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