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What Could NASA Do With Double The Budget?

We know NASA is capable of doing some seriously cool things. But what could they do if we doubled their budget?

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NASA’s 2016 Budget Request

“NASA’s budget advances the Nation’s bipartisan space exploration plan and ensures our nation remains the world’s leader in space exploration and technology, aeronautics research and discovery in space and Earth science. NASA will continue the development of the Orion crew vehicle, Space Launch System and Exploration Ground Systems that will one day send astronauts beyond low Earth orbit.”

8 Ridiculous Things Bigger Than NASA’s Budget

“The most often-used argument against space exploration is that we should use that money to alleviate problems here on Earth. But that argument fails to realize that NASA doesn’t just pack millions of dollar bills into a rocket and blast them into space. The money NASA uses creates jobs, providing an opportunity for some of the world’s brightest minds to use their talents to, yes, actually benefit humanity.

Would More Money Improve NASA?

“How much should we spend on America’s space program? Does NASA’s budget need an infusion of billions of dollars? The way these questions are answered gives some indication of why one believes we have a space program, what it should be doing and whether money is the key needed to unlock the barriers hindering our access to space.”


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