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What Causes Color Blindness?

Some people in the world aren’t able to see many colors. The condition is called color blindness, but what exactly causes it?

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“When Concetta Antico looks at a leaf, she sees much more than just green. ‘Around the edge I’ll see orange or red or purple in the shadow; you might see dark green but I’ll see violet, turquoise, blue,’ she said. ‘It’s like a mosaic of color.’”

New Outlook on Colorblindness

“For people who are colorblind, life involves little workarounds and big compromises alike.”

A Cure for Colorblindess

“I stood in the center of Times Square. Fiery orange flames and velvet purple sunsets five stories tall promised that I could stay Forever 21. Along with Vegas and Versailles, few spots in the world depend so heavily on the seductive power of colors. If I was going to see full color for the first time in my life, this was the spot to do it. I am colorblind, but in the last few years new sunglasses have promised to open me up to the world of color.”

Caucasian Boys Show Highest Prevalence of Color Blindness Among Preschoolers

“The first major study of color blindness in a multi-ethnic group of preschoolers has uncovered that Caucasian male children have the highest prevalence among four major ethnicities, with 1 in 20 testing color blind.”

Color vision problems become more common with age, study shows

“Abnormal color vision increases significantly with aging -— affecting one-half or more of people in the oldest age groups, reports a study.”

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