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What Animals Are Really Doing When They Smell Each Other

Have you ever been attracted to someone’s smell? Well you’re not alone. Many animals use pheromones to sniff out mates.

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How Animals Communicate Via Pheromones

“Most pheromones are detected by the sense of smell. However, not all smells are pheromones. Mammals, including humans, also give off a cloud of molecules that represent our unique individual “smell” or chemical profile.”

MHC genes, body odours, and odour preferences

“MHC genes encode cell?surface glycoproteins (class I and II molecules) that bind short peptides and present them to T lymphocytes. Through this mechanism, MHC genes control the immunological self/non?self discrimination, and subsequently, tissue rejection and immune recognition of infectious diseases.”

Scent of attraction: How animals sniff the perfect mate

“Male brown lemmings (Lemmus sibiricus) much prefer the odour of virgin females to that of females that have just copulated. It seems that the males use scent as an indicator, and that virgin females smell very different from those that have had multiple partners because they produce very different chemicals.”

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