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Were Scientists Wrong About The Big Bang?

Back in March, scientists announced the discovery of gravitational waves and evidence for the Big Bang! What are gravitational waves, and is their evidence real? Dr. Ian O’Neill joins DNews to break down this complex concept.

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BICEP2 2014 Release Image Gallery

“Gravitational waves from inflation generate a faint but distinctive twisting pattern in the polarization of the CMB, known as a “curl” or B-mode pattern.”

WMAP image of the CMB anisotrophy

“Image of radiation emitted no more than a few hundred thousand years after the big bang, captured with the satellite telescope WMAP.”

The Big Bang

“This dominant cosmological theory suggests the Universe began nearly 13.7 billion years ago, expanding rapidly from a very dense and incredibly hot state. Eventually, stars ignited and galaxies slowly formed.”

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Proving the Big Bang Theory

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How Big Is the Universe?


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