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We’re Close To Harnessing Nuclear Fusion

Nuclear fusion is AMAZING. It’s set to revolutionize the way we power almost everything on the planet. And scientists are closer than ever to achieving a sustained fusion reaction. Trace tells you just how close these pioneering scientists really are.

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How Nuclear Fusion Reactors Work

“Fusion reactors have been getting a lot of press recently because they offer some major advantages over other power sources. They will use abundant sources of fuel, they will not leak radiation above normal background levels and they will produce less radioactive waste than current fission reactors.”

Nuclear fusion milestone passed at US lab

“Researchers at a US lab have passed a crucial milestone on the way to their ultimate goal of achieving self-sustaining nuclear fusion.”

Fusion power: is it getting any closer?

“For decades, scientists have been predicting that, one day, the same process that powers the sun will give us virtually unlimited cheap, clean electricity. Are they wrong?”

Why don’t we have fusion yet?

“The dream of igniting a self-sustained fusion reaction with high yields of energy, a feat likened to creating a miniature star on Earth, is getting closer to becoming reality, according the authors of a new review article in the journal Physics of Plasmas.”

Laser fusion put on slow burn

“The US National Ignition Facility rethinks its strategy on achieving thermonuclear fusion in the lab, but fails to silence critics.”

Progress towards ignition on the National Ignition Facility

“The National Ignition Facility (NIF) at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory includes a precision laser system now capable of delivering 1.8?MJ at 500 TW of 0.35-?m light to a target. NIF has been operational since March 2009.”

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