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WEIRDEST Things Found In People’s Bodies!

WEIRDEST Things Found In People's Bodies!

From people who have unbelievably bad luck to people who seem to have taken the insult, “shove it up your ass” a little too seriously, here are the strangest things revealed to be in people’s bodies by xray.


Beer bottle and wire
After a fun afternoon of putting a beer bottle in his butt, it went a little too far when he could not get it out. He used the wire in attempts, then went to the doctors after he could not. He complained of mysterious stomach pains, and claimed he didn’t know what the cause was.

Pint glass
Bar fights are just keep getting more and more unruly.

Light bulb
I guess there really always is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Engagement ring
I guess that’s one way of saying “I – do” to the proposal. If you like it, then you shoulda put a ring in it.

This person didn’t know that deodorant only works on arm pit odor. The reading label that says “for external use only” probably needs to be a little bigger.

“I want to play a game.” Looks like a still from a Saw movie, but this is actually the body of a seven year old boy, who swallowed a key. No story here, it’s just something seven year olds do.

Cell phone
now that’s what I call a booty call. (laugh) A woman swallowed her cell phone after her boyfriend, who she was cheating on asked to see her messages. Love stinks.

Giant scissors
After reporting slight pain in his head, this man went to the doctors, and was shocked by the results of the x-ray. Just kidding, a man in China was out and very much out of luck, he was struck in the back of his head by a pair of giant fire tongs thrown by another man, who was actually trying to throw them at a dog. The man miraculously survived this; if the tongs had been a slight bit lower, he would not have as it would have struck his neck artery.

78 pieces of silverware
This person is obviously a caveman and thought that the utensils were part of the meal.

Coffee container
I guess when this person read that consuming coffee promotes digestive health, they didn’t read the directions thoroughly enough. The removal of these objects is quite a job for the doctors. Sometimes they are able to just wait, sometimes they are able to get it out the way it came in, and sometimes a laparotomy an incision must be made in the abdomen.

Aerosol can
Objects stuck in rectums is a common occurrence in the ER, and surprisingly, aerosol cans aren’t seldom among these. It’s only a matter of time before you see the warning label, “Do not insert in rectum” printed largely across your hairspray.

Video credit to Strange Mysteries YouTube channel