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Weirdest Animals That Actually Exist!

There are tons of animals floating around the web that are nothing more than products of photoshop that you may have even been fooled by before. This is a list of ten of the most unbelievable animals, some are real and some are fake. See if you can guess which ones are real along the way!

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10. While many primates are very social creatures and form relationship similar to humans, this species of orangutan is one of the most unfriendly if you can’t tell by it flipping off the cameraman of this photograph. Its large, bulgy head and eyes make it an odd-looking creature to many and it is rarely seen by people. This animal is found in Southeast Asia where it is an endangered species.

9. The cabbit is one of the many hybrids on this list. Coming from a male cat and female rabbit, this animal has only been bred successful three times, even though none of the specimens reached adulthood.

8. The zebroid is a mixture between a zebra and horse. As with many types of hybrids, it is more probable to reproduce if the male is from one of the species rather than the other. With zebroids, most often, the zebra is the father and the horse is the mother.

7. This cow is the biggest in the world and was named Chilli. Weighing well over a ton and standing at almost seven-feet, this cow is as big as some elephants.

6. This cat is the biggest in the world and is known as snowball. But he is so big that it probably should have been named avalanche. Measuring from tail to nose, snowball is approximately five-feet in length, making him the size of medium to large dog. Weighing over 60 pounds, this cat eats about five times as much as the normal house cat.

5. The geep is half goat and half sheep. The first one was created in a laboratory in England in the 80s. It is also sometimes referred to as a shoat.

4. Found mostly in Australia, the kaowl is a type of bear that gets its common name only from its owl-like appearance. It is a relatively new species and is rarely seen. It is one of the few types of tree-dwellers that has developed a beak-like mouth to help it more efficiently capture and consume its prey and its big bold eyes help it see in the dark, as the kaowl is nocturnal.

3. Specially bred in parts of Asia, and especially Japan, these adorable pets are called inari foxes. Since foxes are part of the canine family, some types of fox can be bred with some types of dog.
To create the inari fox, most often a fennec fox is bred with some type of small, domesticated dog.

2. The blue-faced monkeys live in China, where their population is threatened due to habitat loss. They are fairly large monkeys and are easily identified by their golden hair and unique blue faces.

1. Only a couple of these strange naked possums have seen and only in Australia. While their looks are quite terrifying, they are actually remarkably slow, still and benign creatures.

Video credit to Strange Mysteries YouTube channel