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We Only Have Four Facial Expressions!

It has been commonly accepted that humans have six basic emotional facial expressions. This is theory held across all cultures in every part of the world. However, new research says that we actually only have four, and Anthony is here to talk about why this matters.

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“For half a century, one theory about the way we experience and express emotion has helped shape how we practice psychology, do police work, and even fight terrorism. But what if that theory is wrong?”

Perception of Facial Expressions Differs Across Cultures

“Facial expressions have been called the ‘universal language of emotion,’ but people from different cultures perceive happy, sad or angry facial expressions in unique ways, according to new research published by the American Psychological Association.”

Are There Basic Emotions?

“The evidence on universals in expression and in physiology strongly suggests that there is a biological basis to the emotions that have been studied.”

Dynamic Facial Expressions of Emotion Transmit an Evolving Hierarchy of Signals Over Time

“Designed by biological and social evolutionary pressures, facial expressions of emotion comprise specific facial movements to support a near-optimal system of signaling and decoding.”

Internal Representations Reveal Cultural Diversity in Expectations of Facial Expressions and Emotion

“Facial expressions have long been considered the ‘universal language of emotion.'”

Facial Expressions Of Emotion Are Not Culturally Universal

“Since Darwin’s seminal works, the universality of facial expressions of emotion has remained one of the longest standing debates in the biological and social sciences.”

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