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Wanna Launch a Satellite? You Can!

Space isn’t just for big governments and multi-billion dollar corporations! You can join in now, too! In this week’s Space Friday, Trace shows us some of the most exciting homegrown space programs out there!

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We’re putting a TARDIS into orbit – Really!

“2013 is the 50th anniversary of DOCTOR WHO, and we’re celebrating! We’ve built a TARDIS, and we’re putting it in orbit.”


“PhoneSat is a nanosatellite, categorizing the mass as between one and ten kilograms. Additionally, PhoneSat is a 1U CubeSat, having a volume of around one liter.”

TubeSat Personal Satellite Kit

“”Planet Earth has entered the age of the Personal Satellite with the introduction of Interorbital’s TubeSat Personal Satellite (PS) Kit.”

ArduSat – Your Arduino Experiment in Space

“We want to get you into space! Once launched, the ArduSat (Arduino – satellite) will be the first open platform allowing the general public to design and run their own space-based applications, games and experiments, and steer the onboard cameras to take pictures on-demand..”

NASA’s Android smartphone satellites return blurry images from space

“NASA has taken many images of the Earth from space, but none quite like this. The blurry images above were captured by “PhoneSats,” a new, ultracheap, ultrasmall type of satellite powered by Android smartphones that NASA launched into orbit late last month.”

Kicksat: Your personal satellite awaits

“Cornell University graduate student Zac Manchester has been lent this lab to develop KickSat. This 30cm- (12in-) long satellite will contain 200 even smaller satellites, he’s called sprites.”

Now you can do almost anything with a personal space satellite

“We’ve entered the Dr. Seuss phase of space satellites. Using the Cubesat model, they’re so easy to make and launch that we’ve actually gotten an adorable infographic showing what they can do – sort of an Oh the Places You’ll Go for the personal space age.”

Extreme Hobbyists Put Satellites Into Orbit With $8,000 Kits

“Attention wannabe supervillains: Putting your own, personal satellite into orbit is not such a far-fetched idea after all. Interorbital Systems, which makes rockets and spacecraft, created a kit last year that lets almost anyone with a passion for electronics and space build a satellite.”

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